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Jaxton Plathe
(2008 - 2009)


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General Details

Name: Jaxton Plathe
Gender: Male
Lived: Monday, 29 December 2008 - Tuesday, 2 June 2009

My Story

Jaxton Daniel Plathe was granted his angel wings on June 2nd, 2009.  Although, his life was so short, those who were touched by him are sure to understand and agree that he was an angel from the beginning.


Bias is often a common trait of parents and close family members of their beloved baby, but it would be hard to argue that Jaxton was anything short of perfection.  Although he wasn’t with us long enough to speak his first words in his short time on this earth, Jaxton portrayed an uncanny ability to communicate his joy and love through his precious smiles and little baby laugh that would just tug at your heart.


With Jaxton’s passing we are reminded that his life is one to be celebrated.  Although, we will miss him immensely everyday, we thank God for the 5 months we were given with him. He will forever remain in our hearts and our fondest of memories. 


The level of grief we all feel simply cannot be put into words. When words fail, tears flow but through those tears there is an undeniable language.  Through our grief we portray our love and gratitude for Jaxton’s short time with us. Jaxton you will forever be in our hearts.  

We love you baby boy.  Mommy & Daddy will miss you, and we will never forget you.  We will be reunited someday, and then we can all be a family once again…


In a baby castle, just beyond our eyes,
Our baby plays with angel toys that money cannot buy.
Who are we, to wish that you had known this world of strife?
Now, play on Jaxton, you have eternal life.
At night, when all is silent and sleep forsakes our eyes
We’ll hear your tiny voice.
Your little hands caress us, so tenderly and sweet
We’ll breathe a prayer and close our eyes
And embrace you in our sleep.
Feelings we will treasure,
Sometimes they’ll make us sad,
Because, our little Baby Jaxton
We are still your Mom and Dad


Jaxton is survived by his loving parents Daniel A. and Misty M. Plathe and his brother Gage of Grimes, IA, whom they never took for granted the miracle they had in their arms.



Ann & Charlie Sessions of Osceola, IA, Linda & Jerry Smith of Osceola, IA, Jeannie Vakulskas of Sioux City, IA, and Jerry Plathe Sr. of Des Moines, IA


Great Grandparents:

Jack & Margie Nish of Osceola, IA, Viola Smith of Osceola, IA, and Charles Vakulskas of Sioux City, IA


Aunts & Uncles:

 Jeremy Smith of Des Moines, IA, Jerry & Gina Plathe of Sioux City, IA and Lee Hansen of Sioux City, IA.



Aaron and Lexi Plathe of Sioux City, IA


Jaxton is also remembered by so many other family members and friends whom shared this precious little boy’s life.



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or a special little angel
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It is with deep regret that we are all connected through this website. That heavy ache in our heart never disappears ...
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I am truely sorry for your loss. We have recently lost my nephew Dakota Lyn Haynes from SIDS at the age of 3 months ...
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for an angel


Fathers Name: Dan Plathe
Mothers Name: Misty Plathe
Siblings Names: Gage Rice
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Grimes, IA
Religion: Catholic



Place of Passing: Grimes, IA
Date of Passing: 2 June 2009
Cause of Passing: SIDS
Type of Funeral: Catholic
Funeral Location: Ernst Funeral Home - Waukee, IA
Funeral Date: 5 June 2009
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