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Helen Thomas
(1922 - Unknown)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Helen Thomas
Maiden Name: Hinkley
Gender: Female
Lived: Wednesday, 15 February 1922 - Unknown

My Story

"I didn't come into this world alone...." my mother would say, since she was born a twin. 
Harold and Helen were born on February 15, 1922 - a belated Valentine gift to Robert and Lania Hinkley.
Through the depression and challenges of the 1920's, the Hinkleys, Robert, Lania, oldest son Bob, and the twins, Harold and Helen, initially lived in Sioux City Iowa.  They were surrounded by Lanai's family, and never wanted for cousins or a 4th for a game of cards.  When they moved to Los Angeles, where the kids went to school, Robert provided for his family by doing all he could, including Chiropractic, odd jobs, and even inventing the Grip Gauge to assist avid bowlers in obtaining the perfect grip on their bowling ball.  Helen was a timid, shy, insecure, trusting, young woman, who was really not prepared for anyone to tell her un-truths.  She found herself engaged a few times, having believed suiter's stories of love and fortune.  At the age of 20, her innocence and trusting nature was tested once again, and she married a young man who came with many stories, compliments and promises.  After only a few months of marriage, and discovering the untold truths, she turned to her father to free her from her situation. 

Some years later, she began working for the City of Los Angeles, and scoffed at how one of the Managers in the office, Robert, often called all the girls "honey," "baby" and "sweetie."  "I thought it was so silly how they giggled and fawned over him.  Yes he was very handsome, but REALLY!"  She would laugh.  "Until he said it to me!"  On a lovey afternoon date, walking on the boardwalk, he proposed to her, and when she said yes, he said, "Look there is a photo booth!  Let's have our picture taken to remember this!"  That photograph remained her favorite photo of all time.

Robert had 2 daughters from a previous marriage and not long after their marriage, they were a family of 4.  Helen rose to the challenge, and did her best to "learn on the job" to be a good mother.  Over the next several years, the family of 4 grew to a family of 6 - 4 daughters: Bobbie, Jennel, Linda and Vicki, and I can verify that her goal was realized, she was a wonderful mother!

Helen was a passionate bowler and golfer, all while still managing to be home to make lunch for her husband, care for her children and iron sheets and handkerchiefs in her spare time.  She even traveled to London and Paris with one of Vicki's school trips! On her last day in Paris she wanted to order her own lunch, and proudly proclaimed to the garcon, "Pomme Frits et une Bier!"  French Fries and Beer.  The look of pride on her face was unforgettable.

When all her children had grown and moved out, she and her husband decided to move to Hawaii, a lifelong dream of Bob's.  She continued to bowl and golf, making friends and making a life in paradise.  But she had her challenges, a bout  of breast cancer, an attack of shingles, and the painful permanent aftermath of the Post Herpetic Neuralgia. But she is a fighter, and survived and thrived through it all. When her husband passed away in 1996, she, aged 74, began the process of returning to the mainland.  She moved to Georgia and lived with her youngest daughter, Vicki. 

In February, 2012 she celebrated her 90th Birthday! 

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Fathers Name: Robert Hinkley
Mothers Name: Lania Signey Anderson Hinkley
Spouse's Name: Robert Louis Thomas
Children's Names: Roberta, Jennel, Linda, Victoria
Siblings Names: Robert and Harold
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: atlanta
Marital Status: Widowed


Favourite Sport: Baseball
Favourite Team: Atlanta Braves
Favourite Artist: Englebert Humperdink, Karen Carpenter
Other Interests:
Bowling and Golf


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