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Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
(2001 - 2006)


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General Details

Name: Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
Nick Name: "Baby Girl"
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years old
Lived: Sunday, 3 June 2001 - Thursday, 13 July 2006

My Story

Haylee Danyelle Mazzella was born 13th July 2001 in lousiana, usa. She was the loving daughter of Sonya Easley Mazzella & Tommy Mazzella. She was the sweetest and most beutiful baby girl. During her life, she experienced the best love her family would constantly gave her. Haylee was such a beutiful, blond haired and blue eyed young girl. She loved Lizards and bugs and swings. She loved pink, too. Her bestfriend was her cousin Shelby and they got along very well. Everything was outstanding in her life and Haylee was having so much fun when God decided to give her a pair of wings.

3rd June 2006
Just 1 month and 10 days shy from her 5th birthday, Haylee's family woke up the 3rd June, got ready and went to a family BBQ. As they left, Haylee sticked her head outside the car's window and did the "I love you" sign to Memaw that was just seeing Haylee living to never ever come back. They spent the atfernoon having fun and swimming. There was a point when Sonya (Haylee's mom) had to go in to change Bubba (Haylee's brother) 's clothes for the ride home. She asked Haylee to come outside the pool but Haylee asked for 10 more minutes. Her step-grandmother who was nearby, heard the conversation bettwen Sonya and her daughter Haylee Girl and told Sonya not to worry, that she'd watch over Haylee untill Sonya could come back. Sonya recuntly said "yes" and left inside. During that period, Haylee's step-grandmother went inside to change her own clothes and left Haylee unsupervised swimming in the pool. She did not ask anyone to watch over Haylee instead. All of a sudden, Sonya who was inside the house heard someone screaming "call 911" and she went running outside, thinking that maybe someone hurt their feet or feel and got a bloody mark but never really though it was her Baby Girl's life who was in danger. When she came outside, she couldn't believe in what she saw. Her daughter lying down in the grass recieving CPR done on her by other menbers of the family. Cold, palid and lifeless, she went in the ambulance to the nearest hospital but when they got there, even though they tried everything to save Haylee's life, it was already too late. Haylee was gone. 

Haylee will never be forgotten or replaced. She is our "super princess" who will forever shine upon us all. God bless her and her family.

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A flower for you today, My beutifful Pink rose.


Fathers Name: Tommy Mazzella
Mothers Name: Sonya Mazzella
Siblings Names: Thomas "Bubba" Mazzella
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Los angeles
Occupation: Other
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Movie: dinnousaurs movie
Other Interests:
- Princess dresses, animals, Ballet, Dinnosaurs, and the colour Pink.


Place of Passing: California
Date of Passing: 13 July 2006
Cause of Passing: Tragic drowning
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