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Lily May Hawker
(2005 - 2005)


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General Details

Name: Miss Lily May Hawker
Gender: Female
Lived: Monday, 5 December 2005 - Monday, 5 December 2005

My Story

Our baby girl so tragically taken, just 17mins after birth. Born by csection after being diagnosed with a rare brain tumor (glioblastoma Multiforme) at 33.5 weeks into the pregnancy.

To my sweet baby girl

From the moment Daddy and I found out we were expecting a little girl we named you “Lily May”.
Lily meaning flower, innocent and beautiful, came from your Daddy’s mum “Lillian” who we know is taking care of you. “May” your middle name means brightness after your Nanny “Sharyn May”

As a family, your daddy, Brother Jesse and I waited so patiently for your birth, to meet our baby girl, to hold you, to love you, to see you smile and cry, and to watch you grow.

Instead we only have memories of your beautiful little face, holding you which only seemed like moments, and then saying our final goodbye knowing we can only visit you in our dreams.
My sweet “Lily May” although you are a special individual, I want you to know that you share and take with you a part from each of us. You have your father’s eyes, ears and tiny dimple chin. You have your brother’s cute looks, his petite thin lips, beautiful soft skin and crooked little pinkie fingers. Your nanna’s famous big toe and your mummy’s blonde hair and button nose.

As your Mummy I will always remember you in my heart (baby girl) and carry with me your birthing scar on my tummy. But rather than be sad, I promise to reflect on your birth and death as a happy, peaceful moment we shared together.

Baby girl, I will treasure the memory of every special Mother and daughter moment we had. I would like family and friends to know, to symbolize our special bond, you are my beautiful butterfly and by night my shinning star.
I will miss you, now fly free my sweet baby girl, fly free

Love you always “Lily May”
sending you Butterfly kisses

A Mother’s love for her daughter is forever and a day
A Father’s love for his daughter is to protect her in every way.
A Brother’s love for his sister is to watch over her when they play
A Nanna’s love for her granddaughter is unconditional come what may.

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Dear new friend, My name is Naomi a good looking girl.I have a special reason of contacting you which i will make...
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From: Kyles
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Wishing you a Happy 6th Birthday my gorgeous girl, I miss you so much, forever in my heart x x x Mum
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From: Kyles
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Happy 5th Birthday love Mum, Dad, Jesse & Holly
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From: tezzaed
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Sweet little angel, I light this candle in your memory. May it burn bright forever in honor of you. ~ Troy Mitchell's...
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For an angel
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From: lovemylivvy
View Memorial's Tribute I light this candle And fill it with love And send it to you In heaven above
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From: SavanahGrace
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I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my sweet little girl too. It is lifes most cruel pain ever. I wish steady healing...
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From: marcuswolfe
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memories lives on
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Fathers Name: Paul
Mothers Name: Kylie
Country of Birth: Australia
Country of Residence: Australia
City of Residence: Melbourne



Place of Passing: Werribee Mercy
Date of Passing: 5 December 2005
Cause of Passing: Brain Tumor
Type of Funeral: Cremation
Funeral Director: Jack Adriaans
Funeral Location: Daylesford
Funeral Date: 15 December 2005
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