Greg  Eyestone's Memorial

Greg Eyestone
(1949 - 2009)


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From: elphantluvr
I think of you often and feel you standing next to me. A majestic spirit full of wonder, humor and committment. You inspired me and still do. I love you big brother and miss you. Barbara
From: RealtyDawn
Greg, I always remember you with a smile on your face and laughter in your heart. I looked up to you as a "Man of Drama and Music" You'll be entertaining the others in heaven as you beat your drums to your favorite Spirt tunes and who could forget "Fresh Garbage." Rest in Peace.
From: ahoff
I remember Greg as the one who went for help when the tornado hit the Parker house, as the one who stood by his refusal to go to Vietnam to fight in a war he believed was wrong, and as a guy who could always make us laugh. Thank you, Greg, for being true to yourself.
From: elphantluvr
I will always be warmed by the special light you brought into this world. Love you...your sis, Barbara Cansadoo
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Our Wishing Well