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Frank Huddleston
(1924 - 1992)


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General Details

Name: Mr Frank Huddleston
Gender: Male
Age: 67 years old
Lived: Friday, 11 July 1924 - Wednesday, 8 April 1992

My Story

My Dad was one of three children: the only son of a British father and an Italian mother. As a young man, Dad excelled at academics, attending Boston Latin School and receiving a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from MIT. He served in the US Army during WWII, receiving an injury to his knee in Japan that caused him to walk with a limp for the rest of his life. After the war, he continued with his studies, receiving an Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and completing the course credits for a Ph.D. before the pressures of business and family (he had four sons and two daughters) forced him to study at a more leisurely pace. His professional work fell into many categories, mostly because he enjoyed variety: a characteristic that defined him. He worked in the laboratory, the office, and the field. He flew in jet fighters and fought with the Army during mock battles in Europe. He was the manager of several hundred professionals for large corporations and at other times, an independent consultant on his own. With his family in tow, Dad lived on the East Coast of the US, California in the mid-1960's, the deserts of Arizona, several years in Germany, Iran, and finally, Maryland. If he'd had his way, he would have lived and worked in South America, Vietnam, anywhere. Life was a grand adventure for Dad. I've read from his journals that while on assignment in Iran during the last days of the Shah, he would go running just as the dawn curfew was ending, heading straight into the gun barrels of the Iranian guard, hoping their watches agreed with his. He loved that kind of stuff, and so his life was full and colorful. He would try anything at least once, and so took up handball, squash, flugelhorn, skiing, investing, tennis, and even weight lifting. But his greatest love was little theater, especially musicals, where his hambone personality was free to express itself fully. A favorite picture of mine, included in this memorial, is of him painted up as the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. Regrettably, Dad was a typical 1960's father: distant, authoritative and not often home. As a result, most of us kids did not know him well. I am just putting the pieces together now:  nearly 18 years after his death. It's a shame really. I think I would have liked him.

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Spouse's Name: Margaret L. Huddleston
Children's Names: Frank, John, Brant, Becky, Jeffrey, Paula
Siblings Names: Ruth, Louella
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Occupation: Engineering
Marital Status: Married


Favourite Sport: Tennis


Place of Passing: Washington, DC
Date of Passing: 8 April 1992
Cause of Passing: Tumor
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