Florie Purification Lobo's Memorial

Florie Purification Lobo
(1914 - 1993)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Florie Purification Lobo
Maiden Name: Coutinho
Gender: Female
Age: 79 years old
Lived: Monday, 2 February 1914 - Friday, 30 April 1993

My Story

This is memorial for my mother Florie Purification Lobo. Bless her soul.

She was a very strong lady and on death of my father I was only 17 yrs old and 2nd yr of diploma and the pension of my dad of Rs.65 also stopped.

Only with room rent of about Rs.300 per month she brought us up.

I got my first job of Rs.100 and till then she took great care of us.

She made a will and gave the registered will to my sister Rosy Pavey to keep. But on her death my sister just to grab the property with the help of her Lawyer Chaklabi she did not put up the will and grabbed the common land and also the land of 2 gunthas which had the trees and which clearly mummy told to share the fruit with all three of us.

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Place of Passing: Dharwad
Date of Passing: 30 April 1993
Cause of Passing: She was paralysed and very sick for 6 months on bed.
Type of Funeral: burial at Malmaddi cemetry mahishi road.
Place of Burial: Dharwad.
Funeral Date: 30 April 1993
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