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Edward McAllister
(1925 - 2011)


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General Details

Name: Mr Edward McAllister
Gender: Male
Age: 85 years old
Lived: Saturday, 28 November 1925 - Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Story

Edward Basil McAllister, beloved husband of Tania for 61 years, passed on to eternal glory on April 7 2011. Besides his loving wife, he is dearly missed by his daughters Tessa and Lisa, his grand daughter Alix and her husband Sean, and his great-grandson, Elliott.

As a shining example of The Greatest Generation, Edward celebrated individualism and self-reliance, and embodied the importance of one's duty to country, a strong faith, self-sacrifice, and devotion to family and work. His upbringing, including deeply impressionable high school years at  Gonzaga High School in Washington DC, provided him with the Christian principles, moral compass and rock solid work ethic (ingrained in him at an early age as a tireless newspaper delivery boy) that he applied unwaveringly to his personal and professional life. Edward treasured his World War II memories and his veteran's membership in the 10th Mountain Division, even taking several trips with his family and his fellow 10th Mountain veterans to visit the mountain regions of north central Italy where he led his company of men as part of a successful campaign to drive back the German forces.

Edward was extremely proud of the successful certified public accounting business that he and his partner, Don Goodman, established many years ago as young men. He was a man who truly loved his profession, loved going to work every day, and loved his staff and his clients. It is a testimonial to Ed and Don's lifelong friendship and business partnership that their first employee, Rose Reynolds, worked for Goodman & McAllister until she retired in 2011.

Just as St. Paul counseled the Thessalonians to abide by Christ's teachings to "have charity towards one another", so Edward believed his entire life that he had the privilege and obligation to share the blessings that he worked hard for and God willed for him. To that end he was very generous in his daily life to many individuals and organizations with both his money and his time.

An avid cyclist throughout his life, it was nothing for Edward to take off on a 60 miler into his seventies until he was felled by shingles. Besides his love for cycling, Edward shared interests with his wife, Tania, particularly a love for collecting vintage American glassware. They loved to go "antiquing", attend glass shows, visit glass-making factories and participate in various glass club activities. He also enjoyed time with his family and friends at the family's beach cottage in Bethany Beach DE. He enjoyed reading about and discussing current events, being active in civic organizations, singing in the choirs at Holy Redeemer in Kensington and St. Martin's in Washington DC, acting as a Boy Scout Master, enjoying various outdoor activities like camping and ice skating, stamp collecting, as well as the constant companionship of his beloved pets.

During the last decade of his life Edward suffered severely debilitating pain from shingles along with the degenerating effects of congestive heart failure. About eight years ago his cardiologist  told the family the shocking news that Edward's life expectancy was about six months due to the severity of his congestive heart failure and mitral valve prolapse. However, with the aid of a pacemaker/defibrillator and the miracle of the Will of God, Edward defied medical science and lived for many more years. Thus, we can rejoice with his soul that has been released from earthly suffering into the everlasting love and peace of God's grace and comforting arms.

As a husband, a father, a grandfather and a great-grandfather, Edward's shining legacy is one of living honorably and ethically, of devotion to family and faith, of love of country, of charity, of respect for individual dignity, of personal responsibility and of 'doing the right thing'.

We love and miss you terribly, dearest Edward, dad and papa, and yet we are comforted knowing that you have found eternal peace and joy with your Father in heaven.


Dear friends and family -

Thank you so much for visiting Edward's memorial website and for being a part of his life.

We invite you light a candle, lay a flower, stone or whatever you choose and share your comments, memories or tributes with all of us who hold  such fond memories of Edward in our hearts - or, if words fail you, just light a candle, incense or whatever so we know you stopped by.

This is a permanent website in honor of Edward so please feel free to come back anytime to light another candle, read added information, add another comment, tribute or memory, or just to view new pictures we've added.

Love - Tania, Tessa, Lisa, Alix , Sean and Elliott

PS ~ Tania's email address is edwardandtania@gmail.com

This memorial was created on April 10 2011, Edward and Tania's Sixty-first Wedding Anniversary.

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Happy Father's Day daddy! I love you and miss you!
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On Friday, the 13th of May, work associates, family and friends of Rose Reynolds, who was Ed and Don's first employee...
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thinking fond thoughts about you (((dad))) on this lovely spring day
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With deepest gratitude to all of Edward's dear friends and family who attended his memorial Mass and reception on thi...
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We always looked forward to seeing Ed and Tania at Glass Club meetings. They were such gracious hosts when the club m...
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From: irwinrel
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Until the onset of his devastating illness some ten years ago Edward was the epitome of vigor and vitality always at ...
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Ed, my dear friend, partner for more than forty years your suffering is at last over. We started with a hand shake an...
Heart Memorial Tribute
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I miss you dad.
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From: cmm
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What an honor and pleasure to have known you for more than 20 years, Mr. McAllister! I have so many fond memories of...
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Rest in peace, Papa. I'll love and miss you forever. Thank you for being the best grandfather in the world.I always k...
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This is a touching memorial to a man who warmly touched many lives. I will always remember how kind and loving he was...
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I love you, Papa


Fathers Name: Basil Foster McAllister
Mothers Name: Sarah Elisabeth (nee: Gouldman)
Spouse's Name: Tania
Children's Names: Teresa (Tessa), Elisabeth (Lisa), granddaughter Alexandra (Alix) and great grandson Elliott
Siblings Names: Margie (d.), Betty, Rita (d.)
Country of Birth: USA
City of Residence: Bethesda MD
Occupation: Accounting
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Sport: Cycling
Favourite Charity: Many and Various!


Place of Passing: Suburban Hospital ~ Bethesda MD
Date of Passing: 7 April 2011
Cause of Passing: Heart failure and pneumonia
Type of Funeral: Memorial Mass and Reception
Funeral Location: OLD St. John's Church • 9700 Rosensteel Ave • Silver Spring • MD • 20910 ~ 11:00 Memorial Mass • Reception at the Knights of Columbus
Funeral Date: 15 April 2011

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