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General Details

Name: Miss Ebony
Gender: Female
Lived: Unknown - Unknown

My Story

This is the part of the eulogy which says "their story" ... this is not a story but a tale of horror ... I am crying as I type it here. I am nauseated and so full of anger ... I want to avenge this poor innocent baby ... like I've wanted to do for so many other babies/children who have been tortured until death released them. Ebony was tortured for her 4 months of living hell, she knew nothing but pain, no love, no nurturing, no care ... just fear, and pain.
Ebony had more than 50 fractures, she had 2 broken arms and a broken leg.
Ebony was let down by EVERYONE .... the departments of Child Protection in two Australian States ... HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME South Australia and New South Wales ... BOTH of your Departments should be CRIMINALLY CHARGED you are a DISGRACE, INCOMPETENT and should be charged with being accessories to the MURDER OF baby EBONY!!!!!

IWISH I had known Ebony .. I would have saved Ebony ... the demons that are responsible for Ebony's torture and murder will ALL spend Eternity in Hell ... God speed their demise!!!!!

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RIP free from pain and safe in the arms of God now baby girl ... I love you Ebony.


Fathers Name: The Devil's spawn
Country of Birth: Australia
Country of Residence: Australia



Cause of Passing: Murdered.
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