(1969 - 2005)


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General Details

Gender: Male
Age: 35 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 9 December 1969 - Thursday, 24 March 2005

My Story

We have lost such a great person and brother. I think sharing our grief would help us ease our pain.

My brother may have meant something to each and every one of you, personally,I remember when we were all growing up in a little house in belfast there was three brothers and two sisters a mum and dad all in a two bedroomes house,He is also one of the few people I could confide in. I could talk to him about anything because he never judged or scolded me. He always has some great advice ready for me. He had this trait where he could always turn a dull day around.

My brother was such a character. He knew how to be serious at times and he also knew when to joke around. As a friend you couldnt do better. He always found time to be with his friends and listein to them. He was a very loyal and kind friend. He was also very polite; he was the kind of man who always opened doors for ladies. He could be very immature at times but that’s just because he was still a child inside a young man’s body.

I know my brother left lots of things undone and others that he never had a chance to start. But I promise I will continue what he has started and hopefully fulfill his dreams for him. This is just my small way of saying thank you for everything he did for me.

I remember our last talk together, we had a fight he said i was treating him like a child and i suppose he was right but i was only looking out for him,he had such a soft heart ,My brother didn’t like to see people cry, especially his family.so he left and i never saw him alive again,i wish i could turn back the clock and i could see how confused he was and how he was hurting,but i cant he took his own life thats how sad my brother was he saw no other way out of his pain but i also no he would never have done it if he could of known what loseing him has done its had such an impact on all our lifes and i miss him every day,

Let’s just be thankful for all the special moments that my brother has left us. And with that, I hope that my brother will continue to live on within our hearts and minds. he was a very compassionate and kind person anyone who realy knew Edward would tell you that,,I learned that the most important thing that he had was us, his family. Though he may never have said it out loud I know that he was really proud of what we have become. As most of you may know my brother never showed his feelings. You would only see that look that told you that you did something great, and seeing him like that made you feel like you owned the world. He always had a solution to every problem and had his ways of making things simple. He never asked anybody for help but he was a very generous man, and he never wanted to be acknowledged for anything he did. When he helped he simply helped.infact Edawrd would get embrassed if you said thank you i called him the gentle giant,Let’s just remember everything that my brother Edward shared with us. And let’s be happy that he has finally gone home to his creator now free from any mortal pain but forevery missed by his loved ones xxxx

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Fathers Name: James copeland
Mothers Name: Ann copeland
Siblings Names: Lisa,Colleen,Jimmy,Christopher
Country of Birth: Ireland
Country of Residence: Ireland
Occupation: Education & Training
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Sport: Rugby
Favourite Team: Everton
Favourite Book: HIS BIBLE
Favourite Movie: FOREST GUMP
Favourite Music Genre: Acoustic


Place of Passing: LUTON
Date of Passing: 24 March 2005
Cause of Passing: SUICIDE
Funeral Location: IRELAND
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