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Dawn Noble-Kovack
(1965 - Unknown)


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General Details

Name: Dawn Noble-Kovack
Gender: Female
Lived: Thursday, 8 July 1965 - Unknown

My Story

Today we are gathered to honor the life of an incredible woman, Dawn Noble Kovack. Per her request, today should be a celebration of her life, and a loving union of family and friends. And what a group we are People from different faiths, traditions, age groups—somehow united by the love of this woman. We all grieve differently and that is okay -we are different people. When talking about today, Dawn often told me she wanted a room full of beautiful flowers, laughter, and a happy celebration of life. That was in sync with my family, where flowers are a critical part of the grieving process necessary to get through the short term shock and express respect for the living and the departed. When my closest friends and relatives, many who never met Dawn reached out to help me in my grief—they said it with flowers. For others, more permanent reminders are the key to grief management. Dawn’s family requested no flowers be sent in order to fulfill another of Dawn’s wishes-to take care of her girls. As you could see from the many donation envelopes, their need to help secure Maddie and Lauren’s future is also being met. The special thing abut Dawn’s reaching out to help us move on without her was how she encouraged us to compliment each other and work together as a team. We are doing it—and trying to make her proud. Our approaches are definitely different—our shared love is not. When you think of Dawn, I am sure many images come to mind-her beauty, her wit, her generous spirit, her seemingly endless energy. Maybe you knew Dawn from her time in healthcare, reaching out to make life a little better for the seniors in the community. Perhaps you knew Dawn from serving on various boards like Medina Creative Housing as she tirelessly gave and gave of herself to help make life easier for those people without a voice. Perhaps she sold you your house—after showing you 200 (Jim and Patty) and became your lifelong friend. Maybe like Sherri, to you Dawn will always be that stunning pom pom girl from band. Maybe you were one of those countless people who met her at your oncologist where she reached out in her own illness to lighten your burden, hold your hand, and help you see the hope. We all benefitted from her unique ability to light up a room with just her smile. However you knew Dawn, I am sure she made a positive impact on your life-she couldn’t help it, that was just who she was. Dawn loved being Mom. She thrived filling her kids lives with as much joy as she could squeeze in to every minute She drove mile after mile taking the girls to practices, parties, and loved every minute of being with them. Maddie was the light of her heart-her friend, her sidekick. Together the shopped till they dropped, and boy did they bake endless cookies, and cakes, and the world famous Apple Pies. Lauren was her pride and joy-she loved spending time with her and was always so impressed with the beautiful young woman she is becoming. For both girls she loved coaching softball, watching movies, doing crafts, and eating dinner as a family. She was never happier than when she was with her girls. She loved being Michael’s step-mom and she was just talking about the fun we had singing Karoke. She also loved her family and frequently talked about her beautiful nieces, Alyssa and Jordan. She loved her sister Lisa and felt bad she hadn’t gotten her birthday gift to her this year, even though she was to sick to shop. It made her so happy when her sister-in law Misty was able to spend a couple of Saturdays with her in April scrap booking. Her final trip to Texas with Jeff was quite the adventure for both of them, but she was so glad he made the effort. Her Dad and Betty worked to keep things as normal as possible for Madison and Lauren. And when everyone gathered for special holiday meals this April, she was thrilled. To know you are celebrating your final Thanksgiving Turkey and eating your last Christmas Dinner must have been unbearable, but she did it with such style and finesse that only those of us privileged to share in the moments found our eyes filled with tears. Her second great love were her pets. Buttercup especially was her heart kitty—as she lay sick in these last months, it was Buttercup who always seemed to know when she needed to be close by. All her kitties were special—and so were the Dogs- Snickers and Coffee. She called them her babies, and as she got closer to the end it was Snickers and Coffee who lay as close as could be to provide comfort and solace. As amazing as it was to me, Dawn was a weekly bowler for years How she found time for that in her hectic schedule I’ll never know, but as I met her friends from Bowling, including Joyce, and Kim, and Her amazing and compassionate Hospice Nurse Regina and all the others, I understand why she made the effort. Dawn was my “Very best friend in all the world” I was privileged to share this journey with her. When my mom, who I was admittedly un-naturally attached to, passed away in December, Dawn spent hours creating a grave blanket for her, with hands so compromised form the chemo that they could barely grasp the glue gun, she created a masterpiece of love. I am sure they are playing the slots somewhere together In many things, In spite of being so close, Dawn and I were opposites. Dawn loved color, style, and fashion—and she always was the most beautiful woman in the room. I love color too, black, and Dark Black.... For Dawn, shoes were like art-she had dozens of heels in every color—I have 1 pair (black) Dawn loved her steak RareI tell them to burn mine Dawn liked it Hot, I like it cool. I knew her for literally 7 years before I saw her in pants —she claimed to have never seen my legs In spite of that we had a lot in common too—a commitment to punctuality, a keen sense of organization, spotless cars, immaculate homes, loving animals, and an unwavering sense of loyalty to those we love. Things Dawn taught me.... Blondes really do have more fun. There is no such thing as a skirt too short, or heels to high. You can never have too much BLING If you are going to bake cookies, it is just as easy to bake 40 dozen as it is to make 40 cookies. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When life hands you lemonade-make it electric Dawn also taught me that when some people say they will do anything for their children, they really mean it. While Dawn put a brave front on to the world, the pain was almost constant. She endured endless treatments, from radiation to the final chemo treatment on March 31, 2008, she truly would have done anything to stay with them. Dawn was tired, Dawn was sick, but Dawn never complained, Dawn refused to give up and stayed hopeful to the end. The final lesson Dawn taught us all was probably the most important-and it came on Tuesday. Sometimes the only thing harder than holding on is letting go. Letting Dawn go is going to be the hardest thing I will ever do. As a second family, Dawn surrounded herself with strong women, and the men who love them. For everyone who stepped up and helped Dawn maintain her dignity, independence, and control right up to the end I thank you on her behalf. Sue was a frequent flyer with meals, cards, visits, and she even cooked that Thanksgiving turkey, and Christmas Dinner. Thanks to Bo, Sherri, and Lori who helped fulfill her last wish of giving you all cookie cutters. To Joyce and husband—my great thanks for finding that lighter To Denise and Randy thanks for helping with the move and being such good friends. Thanks to Janet for filling in on those few nights the Rat Pack couldn’t cover-it meant the world to us all. To DJ thanks for making that final trip so seamless. And to everyone else who did what needed to be done with the same graciousness and love that Dawn has shown us all throughout the years—I know I didn’t mention half of you—but thanks. This song is dedicated to the RAT PACK—truly a pack of angels. Donna, Diane, Mickey, Sean, Kim– You did more than I can sayThank you for doing anything for Dawn. It meant everything to her.

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