Christopher Lynn  Moffett's Memorial

Christopher Lynn Moffett
(1965 - 2012)


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General Details

Name: Mr Christopher Lynn Moffett
Nick Name: Chris
Gender: Male
Age: 47 years old
Lived: Friday, 27 August 1965 - Monday, 3 December 2012

My Story

I met Chris in Junior High School, Hodgkins in Westminster, CO when I was about 15 years old. WOW Seems like forever.  He was very cute and I liked him.  We became friends shortly after we met and I found out he lived just around the corner from me.  It's so funny because Mary his mother did not like me and Dan did.  Dan had a great since of humor and I miss him too.  We did a lot together and when I was 20 he went with me to the Dr to take care of some business that was very scary and with out him I would not have made it through the ordeal.  Chris and I were roommates we both had things taken from us we both have been taken advantage of at times and both of us came into our own lives together and apart.  I moved to AZ and he was very mad at me for that,  I still called him regularly, tried to have him come visit me, however Colo Snow storms got the best of that.  Came back to Colo and Chris and I just picked up where we left off.  We were so close that my Ex husband thought my son Devin (in the pictures) was his and even had a paternity test done.  Can you beleive that (LOL).  Chris and I always made each other laugh, we could be open and honest with each other (brutely somethimes).  We did have trouble all relationships do, however we always managed to see each other through and come back friends stronger than ever.

Chris I will miss you so much.  I love you and look forward to meeting you in Heaven with God and Jesus.  Rest in peace your journey on Earth is done.

Love Cindy

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Heart Memorial Tribute
From: cpierog
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You have always had my heart. Love Cindy my grandchilds name will be Hunter Christopher Pierog


Fathers Name: Dan Moffett
Mothers Name: Mary Moffett
Siblings Names: Bill, Maryann, Gary, James
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Commerce City
Occupation: Manufacturing/Operations
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Born Again Christian


Favourite Sport: Hiking
Favourite Team: Broncos
Favourite Music Genre: Other


Place of Passing: his home in Colorado
Date of Passing: 3 December 2012
Place of Burial: Cremeation
Plot Number: none
Funeral Director: none
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