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Cathy Lynn Cavil
(1984 - 2008)


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General Details

Name: Ms Cathy Lynn Cavil
Gender: Female
Age: 24 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 8 May 1984 - Wednesday, 1 October 2008

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Memory Memorial Tribute
From: Daileen
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Words Can't Express How Much You Are Loved And Missed..... Although Tasha Is Very Strong And Doesn't Show It She Miss...
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: Daileen
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Mami Te Extrano Tanto Y Se Que Un Dia Te Voy A Ver En El Cielo Sentado Alado De Papa Dios. Te Amo Muchisimo Mamita Li...
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: tezzaed
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Praying you sprinkle stardust upon ur family as they drift off to Dreamland in search of you tonight ~Hugs sweet Angel!
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: takeovershas
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rip xxxx
Candle Memorial Tribute
From: mommasgrl
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My thoughts and prayers are with you, in your time of need.
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: ozzylinda
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Blessing to you and your family at this sad time. It is really difficult to loose a child and my prays are with you....




Date of Passing: 1 October 2008
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