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Cameron Mawhinny
(1957 - 2013)


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General Details

Name: Mr Cameron Mawhinny
Gender: Male
Age: 55 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 4 September 1957 - Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My Story

In Loving Memory

Cameron David Mawhinny passed away after a long struggle of illness on Feb. 26th in the ICU at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, his daughter Tanya by his bedside.
Cameron was born on Sept. 4, 1957 in Victoria, then grew up and lived most of his entire life in Campbell River.

Anyone that knew him would know he was always there to help a friend out when ever they were in need. He will also always be remembered for having a twisted sense of humor. He was always making jokes in fun, out of any thing.

As a young man he married Debra Mullett and raised their daughter as his own. Always being a loving and protective husband and father. He used to be a logger, baseball player and liked to curl and go fishing. 
In Cameron's mid 20's he became paralyzed. This was a life changing event for him and his family, but after much rehabilitation he made something positive come from such a tragedy. Cameron started one of the first chartered fishing businesses in Campbell River, fully accessible for people whom had wheel chair disabilities  or not. People from all over the world cherished these opportunities to experience something they had never had the chance to do before!
At the age of 43 Cameron became a very proud and honored  Grandfather. His daughter Tanya and his son-in-law Adrian named their first born son Cameron, after him.
Unfortunately, not long after, Cameron's wife Deb became very ill and passed away from cancer when he was 45. Although he had many friends and family that gave him emotional support to help him through his grieving, he lost all will to get out of bed. This immensely contributed to him becoming very ill with pressure sores and infection.
Over the next number of years, Tanya and Adrian made him a Grandfather of four, in which he was so very proud of! One of their most memorable memories together is looking through his big telescope at Saturn and the moon!
Cameron has spent the last year and a half of his life in the hospital. Hoping to became healthy enough to go home. You could only imagine how lonely it must have been.... He never made it home.
His daughter Tanya, son-in-law Adrian and all of his four grandchildren were there as he passed.

Rest in Peace Cameron!

There is No More Pain.

Together again with the ones he loved,
    His Wife and his Mother.

It's true, "You really never know a person 'til you walk a mile in their shoes!"

Love You Dad!

          Celebrate his life and who he was!
               Throw a party in his honor!
For you know that's what he would have wanted!

Please feel free to share a great memory under the tributes!
    (Just remember, please keep 
   it clean.)

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Fathers Name: Thomas Mawhinny
Mothers Name: Joyce
Spouse's Name: Debra
Children's Names: Tanya
Country of Residence: Canada
City of Residence: Campbell River
Marital Status: Widowed


Other Interests:
He loved muscle cars and good rock music! He loved to fish, fly his RC helicopters, and collect cool lighters! He loved having his friends come to visit!


Place of Passing: Victoria
Date of Passing: 26 February 2013
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