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Bobby Croy
(1938 - 2006)


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General Details

Name: Mr Bobby Croy
Nick Name: Big Hammer
Gender: Male
Age: 67 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 19 July 1938 - Sunday, 5 February 2006

My Story

Bobby Lowe Croy, 67, of the Little Creek Community in Dublin, VA, passed away on Sunday, Feb. 5th 2006. He was born in Pearisburg, VA.  He has two sons, James Allen, and Bobby Dale, and one daughter, Tammy Lynn Hull. He was married to Geraldine Robertson for over 43 years. They had a wonderful life together and were married up until his death. Bobby also has four grandchildren, Brandon 14 yrs old, Hannah 10 yrs old, Shane 21 yrs old, and a grandson he never had the chance to see, Bobby Neil who is 2 yrs old now.
My husband, James, remembers his father as being a very sturn but loving as well. Always joking around and making people laugh. He was a hard worker. He worked for Volvo GM for 23 years before retiring for health reasons. He loved the outdoors and feeding the little birds and raccoons around the house. Even the trees on his property had a special place in his heart.
Bobby also enjoyed riding motorcycles and he was forever doing odd jobs around the house. He did not believe in being a lazy person and had no respect for a man who did not support his family in every way.
He will forever be remembered as a person who people enjoyed being around. He passed away here at home while carrying in wood.  It was a sudden passing that shocked the entire family. Hundreds of people came to his viewing to show their respect and we (the family) would like to thank each and every one of you for your support during that hard time.
Since then, Bobby would love to know that after his passing we were blessed with a new baby boy by his son, Dale. The baby was named after him so that his name will live on.
You are missed everyday, Bobby. We love you.

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Fathers Name: Lee Hudson Croy
Mothers Name: Margie Lafone Croy-Pyles
Spouse's Name: Geraldine Robertson Croy
Children's Names: Tammy, Dale and James
Siblings Names: Carol, Betty, Joanne, Boots, Beula May, Mary Jane, JR, Phillis and Danny
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Dublin
Occupation: Manufacturing/Operations
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Other Christian


Favourite Sport: Mountaineering
Favourite Movie: The Legend of Boggy Creek
Favourite Music Genre: Country
Favourite Artist: Waylon Jennings
Favourite Charity: United Way
Other Interests:
Hunting, carpentry, fishing, and just being outdoors.


Place of Passing: Home
Date of Passing: 5 February 2006
Cause of Passing: Massive Heart Attack
Type of Funeral: Traditional
Place of Burial: East Side Cemetery, Pearisburg, VA.
Funeral Director: Vest and Sons
Funeral Location: White Gate, VA.
Funeral Date: 8 February 2006
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