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Bethany-Skye Cooper
(2007 - 2007)


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General Details

Name: Miss Bethany-Skye Cooper
Gender: Female
Lived: Friday, 20 July 2007 - Friday, 20 July 2007

My Story

myself and my husband have 4 beautiful children here with us on earth Becca 9, Marc 8, Sophie 6 & Korey 4 but sadly we have had two miscarriages and had a beautiful angel baby.

Our angels name is Bethany-Skye she was still born 20th july 2007 at 39wks 3 days the reason is unknowen sadly bethany will be our last ever baby due to the pure fear of any other baby being stolen from our arms .
Her pregnancy got off to a bad start i beld from 8 wks till about 16 wks everthing settled down after then untill 14th july 2007 when i thought my waters had popped but the hospital said they haddend my fear there was i have Groups B Strep on tuesday 17th july 2007 i was a bit worried as bethany wasent moving very much and i couldnt get hold of midwife only number i had was emergancy number then i didnt think it was an emergancy (wish i had now) that night about 11pm bethany gave  me a huge kick it was to be her last ever next day i woke with very bad back ache midwife finaly answerd the phone told me to go to aberdeen 55 mils on bus the whole way there bethany never moved once i knew deep down sumit was wrong we got there they looked for bethanys heart beat couldnt find it they took me to a side room and it was in there at 1.20 pm 18th july 07 they told me the words that ended our life as we knew it forever my baby had died .. Our beautifull baby girl was born 2 days later just perfect how i wish i had knowen on the tuesday she was struggling to live i would of gone to hell and back to try and save her we burried our angel in our local cemetry on 27th july 2007

Bethany has left a huge hole in all our lifes and hearts not a day goes bye with out missing her or thinking about her

take a few mins to leave her a thought or light a candel thank you for stopping bye xxxxxxxx

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From: dlondo
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love you baby girl xxxx
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love you darling xxxxxx mummys missing you so much xxx
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love you darling xxxxxx
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sleep tight sweet angel lots of love xxxxxxxxx
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love you darlin xxxxxxx miss you so much xxx
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Mummy loves you darling miss you so much xxxxxxxx


Fathers Name: Richard Alan Cooper
Mothers Name: Jennifer Louise Cooper
Siblings Names: Rebecca, Marc, Sophie, Korey
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: United Kingdom



Place of Passing: Aberdeen Maternaty Hospital
Date of Passing: 20 July 2007
Cause of Passing: Stillbirth reason unknowen
Type of Funeral: Grave Side
Place of Burial: Aberdeenshire
Funeral Date: 27 July 2007
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