James Benjamin (Benny) Shaw's Memorial

James Benjamin (Benny) Shaw
(1922 - 2007)


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General Details

Name: Mr James Benjamin (Benny) Shaw
Nick Name: Benny
Gender: Male
Age: 84 years old
Lived: Sunday, 13 August 1922 - Saturday, 3 March 2007

My Story

Benny was born and reared in Passage west County Cork in the Republic of Ireland on August 13th 1922
He was the eldest of the family which included two brothers (Bill and John Joe) and one sister (teresa).

He grew up when times were really tough,there was no money to be had nor paid work available,so the only pastime/survival was fishing up and down the lee across from Passage in all kinds of weather.

Bens Father,William,passed away in 1934 when Ben was 12 years old.
In the signs of times that were instigated at the time,the family were assessed financially by a so called local religous institution and it was determined there and then that the 4 children be taken into care as it was adjudged that his mother was unable to take care of  the four of them.
His Mother Ellen (my paternal grandmother) had to work 12hr days 6 days a week just to save enough money to enable her to feed the four children who ranged in ages from 3 to 12.
Even though ben was only 12 years old at the time,he took it upon himself to find work after school,the money he received was very small but he proudly gave up all that he earned to his mother to help with the groceries and any other outstanding bills.
Ben carried this attribute with him right up to the time he passed away,a high level of decency at all times.
When the second world war broke out,Ben joined the Irish Navy as a very young cadet (1940).
I spent many a laugh with him as he explained all the goings on that occured around that period-let there be no doubt that he was quite a rouge in his day.
Benny left the navy in 1946 to look for better paid employment.
After the war there was little if any employment in the town or surrounding area so the only way to make ends meet was to fish as many hours as possible-fortunately ben loved to fish,indeed,he fished up to the grand old age of 80-a feat in itself.
Ben worked on the DOD boats until 1962 when he went for interview to a local company called Verlome Cork Dockyard-he duly got the job and remained in their employment until the closure of this company in 1984 reaching the rank of Foreman Rigger-another area that he loved .
Ben worked in odd jobs over the 1984-1987 period which brought him up to his well deserved retirement.
Ben accepted  his retirement well and found enjoyment in the free time that he found himself in by fishing and walking which helped a great deal in keeping him fit and healthy.
In the intervening years leading up to the present,Ben encountered several medical problems which he overcame with the determination and rigor that we were always used to.
An example of this was in the fact that he suffered two serious strokes in a 4 year period for which he was determined to recover from.
Ben used to visit my home in Ennis County Clare very frequently,initially when I was living there alone and more so when I got married and had children.
Ben showed great affection to his grandsons james and Eddie who enjoyed his company during his visits.

This is to be continued.......

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Fathers Name: William
Mothers Name: Ellen
Children's Names: George Bernard,william,pauline and Marie (deceased)
Country of Birth: Ireland
Country of Residence: Ireland
City of Residence: Cork
Occupation: Manufacturing/Operations
Marital Status: Separated
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Team: manchester United
Favourite Book: Any Book on deep sea fishing
Favourite Music Genre: Other
Favourite Artist: Mario Lanza
Favourite Charity: Cancer aware


Place of Passing: Cahercalla Hospice Ennis County Clare Ireland
Date of Passing: 3 March 2007
Cause of Passing: Lung Cancer
Type of Funeral: Large
Place of Burial: Passage west County Cork
Funeral Location: Saint marys cemetary Passage West
Funeral Date: 5 March 2007
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