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Arthur Joseph Gavin Jr
(1949 - 2012)


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General Details

Name: Mr Arthur Joseph Gavin Jr
Gender: Male
Age: 62 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 30 August 1949 - Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My Story

Arthur Joseph Gavin Jr was born on August 30th 1949 in Manhattan New York. Second child to Arthur Joseph and Frances Mary. Let us first start by mentioning the love and devotion that he had for the Holy Family, specifically the Blessed Mother. He was always a huge believer that he had spirits watching over him and with that being said, we should all take comfort in knowing that a man of his caliber is keeping a close eye on all of us.

My father was amazing. God I will miss our talks.  His loyalty, kindness and humor are characteristics that are simply unobtainable by the average man. Throughout his life, it didn’t matter whether he was in periods where he was on top of the world or when he felt that the sun was going down on him. He always continued to stay true to his beliefs and was always determined to live his life in the highest regard.

No matter in what chapter you look; whether it was the honorable service that he gave the United States Air Force, or when he became the Sr. Vice President of the 24th largest corporation in the world or just simply being the most caring husband, father and friend that anyone could ever ask for. He lived a life that had no limits and did it all with such class and dignity.

My father had a career that most people can only dream of. He lived for his accomplishments. You’ve never seen anyone with more focus and dedication. And with any story that he started with memories of the Golden Years, he always made sure to end each and every one of them by expressing the heartfelt love, respect and appreciation that he had for his dear friend and mentor Ron Matson. Mr. Matson guided my father throughout his entire career as he climbed the corporate ladder in unthinkable measures and my father could never thank him enough for it. And as for his colleges or I should say “the Goodfellas” they had stories that you can only read in books. They worked hard together, they traveled the world together and always had the capability of turning the impossible, possible.

But in my eyes I like to think my father’s greatest accomplishment and source of pride was the love that he had for his family. At the end of the day, his family meant everything to him. No matter what the circumstances were, whether you were in need of a good laugh, strong advice or unconditional love, you always knew where to go.  My father was an open book and was always just a phone call away when you needed a helping hand while getting through your own personal chapters.

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I'll miss everything about him. It's not everyday that one comes across a man that possesses such amazing characteristics such as courage, hope, strength, generosity, love, charisma, humor and wisdom. There’s not a doubt in my mind that we'll all go on from here knowing that he’s touched each and every one of us in his own personal way and that we'll all cherish the endless memories that he's left behind.

Thanks again for everything Pop, Ciao for now 

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Date of Passing: 4 January 2012
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