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Annie Beckensal Carter
(1908 - 1965)


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General Details

Name: Mrs Annie Beckensal Carter
Maiden Name: Spencer
Gender: Female
Age: 56 years old
Lived: Monday, 7 December 1908 - Saturday, 5 June 1965

My Story

Anne Beckensaal Spencer, grew up in the Kyneton, Victoria area. Her parents were farmers and graziers
.I believe she was the eldest of four children, her siblings were Hugh James Spencer (deceased), Mable Ferris (deceased) and Edith.

Anne bred stud stock cattle, predominately two breeds, the Murray Greys and Aberdeen Angus.
She was an excellent horsewoman, competing in shows and horse events for  most of her  life.

She drove an MG sports car at age 18. She also spent a lot of time in Melbourne, and attended a
 prestiguous school there.
It was in Melbourne that she met her future husband. A love of horses was the combined interest that brought them together. Percival was a fabulous horseman, He was probably the original horse whisperer, before that description became popular.
After marriage they moved to Wodonga, Vic. where they purchased   10 acres of land.
Anne and Percy then built a large house , with a beautiful rose garden and tennis court.
They built eight stables, with ringyards, and training yards to house all their horses.
They also took up numerous 99 year leases surrounding their farm, and in several other locations near Wodonga.
Anne died after a short illness at age 57 years.
She was sadly missed by her family , friends and all her knew her.
She left behind four children, Richard,Brian (now deceased) Elizabeth and Judith.
Percival Carter lived another nine years, and he too passed away after a short illness, at age 84.
Their son Brian James Carter passed away February 28th 2008, and their grand daughter Melissa Ann Kilpatrick was killed in a tragic car accident January 7th 2012.


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Heart Memorial Tribute
From: Beccky
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My beautiful mentor, and mother. You have such an influence on me, and my life. Thank you, for being you, a beautiful...
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: Beccky
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My beautiful mother. What a wonderful extraordinary person you were. Always the Lady, the socially adept, entertaini...
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: Beccky
Song Name: The Rose
Artist: Bette Midler
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I have chosen excerpts only, this is not the full version. Am feeling very sa...
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: Beccky
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Dear Mum, Still missing you, it is now 47 years since you were taken from me. You may have seen your loving son Bri...
Memory Memorial Tribute
From: Beccky
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My darling guardian Angel, I believe you will be very proud of me. If you see Melissa and Brian, give them huge hug...
Memory Memorial Tribute
From: Beccky
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Today is the anniversary of Anne's passing on the 5th June 1965. She is buried in the Anglican section at the Wodong...




Date of Passing: 5 June 1965
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