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Angela Sue Angie Purdy
(1973 - 2003)


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General Details

Name: Angela Sue Angie Purdy
Nick Name: Effie May, Angie
Maiden Name: Koester
Gender: Female
Age: 29 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 18 December 1973 - Sunday, 31 August 2003

My Story

Angie was a character : And my only child. From the time she started walking and talking,I could tell this beautiful little l person that I had brought into this world and definitely kept me on my toes! She was my love of life and. She kept me on my toes for sure- She had the sweetest smile and the bluest eyes I ever did see. She was my world. And still is. She grew up way too fast-Before I knew it she was off and having children of her own. Angie loved being pregnant. She loved her children so much. My daughter also had a streak of stubbornness-I'm sure that she inherited that from me. I miss her so very much. It was unfair to me and her 4 beautiful children and everyone that loved her, that God decided back to her Heavenly home-I knew she was special-And God needed another special Angel I guess and he took her quickly away. I lost my baby girl-I would always call her that ya know, even when she was an adult.-Oh yes and for whatever reason when she was small I called her Effie May-She would giggle-She was always smiling .She had her struggles as we all do-But my daughter was a hard worker and tried her very best to be a good mother to her children-She was so proud that she was starting a career in nursing in the hospital! I And then shortly after that, tragedy struck her suddenly and so unexpected. I know she watches over her children each and every day, As she also watches over me closely Angie was a beautiful friend to everyone and could always make them crack a smile. She was definitely a goofball at times but made a lot of people laugh. And she was taken from us -way to early at the age of 29 from cancer. I know I will again be with her someday ,and I am excited for when I can finally look into those blue smiling eyes of hers once again and just hug her forever. I love you Angie. I will be home soon. Mom <3. xoxoxo

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Song Name: ANGIE
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Here is a song that I dedicated on the day my daughter was born .I love you m...




Date of Passing: 31 August 2003
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