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Amy-Lynne Dionne
(1989 - 1998)


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General Details

Name: Miss Amy-Lynne Dionne
Gender: Female
Age: 9 years old
Lived: Friday, 19 May 1989 - Saturday, 8 August 1998

My Story

Amy-Lynne, was born May 19th 1989 she was the first born of now 4 and the only girl..
she was Daddy's precious little girl..spoiled as all little girls of dad's are.
She loved to Dance so we put her in dancing school til we moved to Florida she had asthma
and was'nt getting any better when we moved to florida she began to breathe a little more
   she made friends so fast and loved everyone no matter what race or who you were once
you knew her you became her friend for life.
and that's what happend to my daughter who had no other girl's in the house she found a friend
in florida and she became like a adopted daughter to us and a adopted sister to her friend..
  she loved going camping with her,biking,or just hanging out singing and dancing..the girl
Emily was so nice and so was her family.
when Amy-Lynne passed a little part or a big part of all us past with her.
she loved playing baseball and got her friend to play with her so she wasnt the only girl on the team
and she was determined when she set her mind to do something nothing or noone was going to tell her because she was a girl that she could'nt do it she would prove you wrong and do it.
   she was loved by her two younger brothers DJ and Danny.
they fought alot but what siblings didnt..
 she loved to swim and she loved animals all kinds.we went to seaworld so many times we can go around the park blindfolded but it wasnt because of any of the rides we went cause they loved to look at the animals there.

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we miss you so. Now that you've been gone for 10yrs wish you were here now that it being xmas and all. we talk about ...


Fathers Name: Donald J. Dionne Sr.
Mothers Name: Sharee Lee Dionne
Siblings Names: DJ,Danny,Dylan
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: terryville
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Sport: Baseball
Favourite Team: Yankees
Favourite Book: Nancy Drew
Favourite Movie: Spice Girls
Favourite Music Genre: Pop
Favourite Artist: Spice Girls
Other Interests:
Camping, bike riding,swimming


Place of Passing: Florida
Date of Passing: 8 August 1998
Cause of Passing: Head injury
Type of Funeral: Open Casket
Place of Burial: Plymouth,CT
Plot Number: 222
Funeral Date: 15 August 1998
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