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Amaya Baldath
(2003 - 2003)


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General Details

Name: Amaya Baldath
Nick Name: BabyGirl
Gender: Female
Lived: Wednesday, 22 October 2003 - Wednesday, 22 October 2003

My Story

My Daugther was Born on October,22,2003 at 36 weeks along was not breathing My baby girl had passed away 2 days earlier for no reason known. Everything was going great until i went for my Ultra Sound at my 36 week check up and they couldnt find her HeartBeat. They told me not to panic to go right to the hospital so they could do an Ultra Sound. So i went straight there and on the way there i remember noticing she wasnt moving at all which wasnt weird for her. Aslong as i was moving she was asleep and when it was time for bed she would wake up. But since she couldn't find the heatbeat even though she told me to not panic my heart went into my stomach when i didnt feel her moving all the way to the hospital and while sitting there waitting for an Ultra Sound still nothing.The longer that went by the more paniced i got. And when they wouldnt let anyone in the room with me while they did it scared me even more.They told me finally to go up to the Labor floor but still no word i wasnt sure what i was thinking I didnt want to believe what they were about to tell me and in all this i didnt even think about Amayas dad my mom said i think its time to call him i will call him to tell him to get here and i said ok when he got there i still think i wasnt even ready for it all to about happen. I remember as soon as they called us into this little room Trin went to call hes boss at work and i remember going into this little room with my mom was plain and just white walls nothing really and i knew then it was like you see in the movies when they break the bad news to you and the mid wife said I am sorry but your daugther is gone. And as soon as she said it Trin walked into the room and heard it with me at the same time and I dont remmeber alot then but i remember him hugging me and telling me it will be ok and remember we both were crying and thinking its not ok. The date then was October,21,2003 they admited me into the hospital and induced meand i had my baby girl on October,22,2003 at 8:41am she weighed 4 pounds one ounce it was the hardest thing i had to go though in my life. Even after 8 years sometimes i feel like its a dream and i will wake up and everything will be ok.But its not a big piece of my heart will be gone forever my Daugther didnt have a chance even in this world. And i dont care what anyone says the best place for her was here with her mom and dad. Everyday is a struggle not having her here and people always asking oh do you have kids and having to tell them about my Angel.

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Candle Memorial Tribute
From: theschell
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My your light shine for your mom always... and may you shine a little of your light on your mom as well...
Candle Memorial Tribute
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Mommy is missing you baby girl


Fathers Name: Adesh Baldath
Mothers Name: Miranda SanSouci
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
City of Residence: Kissimmee



Place of Passing: Osceola Regional Medical Center
Date of Passing: 22 October 2003
Cause of Passing: StillBorn
Type of Funeral: none
Place of Burial: none
Plot Number: none
Funeral Location: St Cloud
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