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Alicia Rose Curwain
(2009 - 2009)


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General Details

Name: Miss Alicia Rose Curwain
Nick Name: Ally
Gender: Female
Lived: Thursday, 19 November 2009 - Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My Story

My husband and I knew we were destined to be parents, and to start a family. We tried for five and a half years, and during those years were nothing but heartbreak and lonliness, we realized that something was wrong as to why we couldn't conceive. We then plucked up the courage to go and see a IVF specialist/gynaecologist. Through many testing, we found out that we were infertile. It came like crashing thunder to us, especially my husband, as it was male factor infertility so he went through his own depression a little bit. So we decided to go through IVF, lets just say thats a costly exercise, the prices alone have gone up. We had to do IVF ICSI. Which costs a lot more cause of the drugs involved.

We were over the moon when after the first cycle first attempt we got pregnant. I was crying in tears it was so beautiful to see her heart beating when we went in for a seven week ultrasound which is mandatory for IVF patients. We then went in for a twelve week ultrasound. We thought everything would be normal, that she'd be okay but turns out they were worried about the thickening in the neck. They thought she might have had downs syndrome, etc, which we were concerned about. So I was sent to Monash hospital for a fourteen week scan at the fetal diagnostic unit. It was there that my little girl was diagnosed with a growth defect called congenital diaphragmatic hernia. This defect is where theres a whole in the diaphragm and all the organs get pushed up into the cavity. Usually in most cases its a 50% survival rate, and for our girl they gave us 60% which well made us feel a little better.

At nineteen weeks I decided to do a amniocentisis. They did ask me at fourteen weeks if I wanted to do a CVS but they did mention the risks of miscarry and there was no way I'd want that risk, they also asked if we wanted to terminate, as most couples chose that option too after finding out this condition. hell no, not after all those years of torment. The amnio went well, and she came back clear, nothing was wrong with her, just the hernia alone we had to worry about which affects 1 in 2500 babies, now gone up to 1 in 3000 I believe.

So at the last trimester I started building up a lot of fluid, I still had to get checked with fetal monitoring and what not a lot of traveling. I got admitted into hospital twice, because of high blood pressure, as well as they thought I had pre eclamsia which I didn't in the end, they misdiagnosed that. After the second visit, I started having what I thought was braxton hicks. Being a first time mother I really didn't think anything of it that I could be in labour. They started getting stronger during the night, like period like cramps. At 315am in the morning my membranes had ruptured slightly. I noticed clear liquid running down my leg, and thought uhoh this isn't good. So at 5am my husband rang my mother in law, and she came at around 545am. We drove an hour and 20 mins to the hospital, as our country hospital wasn't equipped for something like this hernia condition.

Getting there, the contractions were getting stronger. I was sent up to the birth suite, where they hooked me up to fetal monitoring, not believing I was in labour, they gave me tablets to stop the contractions and steriods to help bub. I was hooked up on them for about two hours or more, before being whizzed down to MRI for a scan that day, as I had an appointment with them anyway to check on Alicia's condition. Thats when my waters broke. So they whizzed me back up to the birth suite, and the doctor checked my cervix, I was 6 cm dialated. Two hours later Alicia was born, daddy made it ten mins before she was born.

We spent six days in the NICU. The first night she deterioated, they came to my room at 3am saying they wanted to see me. So I raced over there, my heart jumping out,because I'd just given birth to her at 31.3 weeks gestation, how could I loose her now?! the nurse said it was a false alarm. Alicia had been unstable for the next couple of days, but around near our anniversary she was doing really great. On the 24th of November she opened her eyes to see mummy and daddy for the first time. It was so beautiful and so precious. I did get to hold her once, when they were changing the sheets, and that was the most precious moment of my life, I will never forget it.

The day she passed, I will never forget. I know I blocked that day and week out after it all happened, but now its all coming back to me. The doctors were around Alicia, and I just knew as a mother that something was very wrong. So the doctor came and spoke to us privately in the parents room. It was there that I blocked it all out, the trauma of loosing a little one is so terrible. She was our miracle and we were loosing her. how could this thing happen? I kept praying to god to take me not her. But he wouldn't listen. I walked over to her incubator finally, and nodded as I sat down, I was numb as they brought her over to us. We had a name giving ceremony had her baptised, and as that happend she slipped away in my arms. I couldn't believe this was happening, I thought it was my worst nightmare, our little girl grew her wings at 5pm on the 25th November, at only six days old.

This is her story. I love my little girl with all my heart and soul. She was truly beautiful

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Heart Memorial Tribute
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Heart Memorial Tribute
From: trinity
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for my baby girl cause you have my heart!
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: trinity
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Mummy misses you every single day sweet girl but we know your in a safe place!
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: trinity
Song Name: Hero
Artist: Mariah Carey
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Because you are such a little Champion and mummy and daddy love you so much s...
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: trinity
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Alicia, you would be three months on the 19th, I miss you so much love mummy!


Fathers Name: David Curwain
Mothers Name: Karina Curwain
Children's Names: Alicia Curwain
Country of Birth: Australia
Country of Residence: Australia



Place of Passing: Monash Hospital
Date of Passing: 25 November 2009
Cause of Passing: Prematurity and CDH
Funeral Date: 30 November 2009
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