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Alphaeus Eme Kamalu
(1926 - 2012)


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General Details

Name: Mr Alphaeus Eme Kamalu
Nick Name: De Sunday
Maiden Name: Ekeke
Gender: Male
Age: 85 years old
Lived: Sunday, 15 August 1926 - Monday, 23 July 2012

My Story

Sir Alphaeus Eme Kamalu (De Sunday) was born on the 15th day of August, 1926 to Christian parents. He started his education at Christ Church School, Akwete, attended Holy Trinity School, Nchire-Eleme, Anglican Teacher Training College, Alor, Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology, Zaria in the year 1961 and Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in 1965. He graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Arts. He was among the first in his age group to have a college education, to the extent that the village honored him upon his graduation from Zaria. He taught in various Primary and Secondary Schools within the then Eastern Region including Imo and Abia state. He was instrumental to the establishment of the Akwete Secondary School and was her first principal. He rose through the ranks and was promoted to Principal Special Class, a position he held till his retirement in 1988. He was blessed in his marriage to Lady Gogo Catherine Kamalu, having seen the growth and development of all his six children and eight grandchildren. It was a union made in heaven which survived through thick and thin especially the loss of their first son Ngozi Eme Kamalu. We are blessed to have had him as our father. Our parents built a family that was the envy of all. He was not only a father figure but also our friend and confidant. He treated us more like his siblings having grown up with only one brother – Sigismund Kamalu (late). The unity and peace that permeates through the house was so nurturing and worthy of emulation. Alphaeus Eme Kamalu loved and enjoyed life. He taught us that if we love ourselves first, we will be able to love others. Our home was always the gathering place for all – families and friends where he earned the name Papa Dodo. He inspired a generation to love one another, live in peace, show respect and above all be honest. He had a kind word for everyone and was a peacemaker. We can always remember seating around on our living room floor and listening to him tell stories upon stories after dinner. The New Year’s midnight service is one of our best traditions – going to church as a family, coming back home for a special prayer and relaxing with cabin biscuit, butter, corned beef and tea. He created so much fun around and outside the house for us. Even before the Nigerian Idol, our father had singing and dancing competitions for us. We took turns singing and dancing to Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Osadebe, Rex Lawson, to name a few. His secondary school graduation present was to teach us to drive a car with patience and humility. He celebrated each of us, remembering our birthdays with special gifts. How can we forget the trip to Port Harcourt International airport on a Sunday afternoon just to watch the planes take off and land nor a fishing expedition; and camping on the woods of Ndoki Grammar School? He even tried his hands on cooking for us, trying to best our mother and show he is the best cook in the house. We were all sitting around, waiting for this special soup that our father was preparing for us. Imagine egusi soup with tomato paste and you get the picture. We did savor it, and gave him thumbs up for he put his heart to it. One of such special memories. He was a true blessing to the community where he came from as well as the state and the country. He served as Member East Central State Library Board from 1972 – 1976, Executive member, East Central State Council of Arts, Chairman of Ukwa Art Committee, various roles within the National Union of Teachers (NUT) Imo and Abia State Chapter s, Chairman, Akwete Community Development Association, and a host of other positions. An artist of great repute, Sir Alphaeus Eme Kamalu participated in the first world fashion fair in Osaka Japan in 1989. He was a true Christian and actively involved in the church. Sir Alpheaus Eme Kamalu was the first lay synod secretary. The man, a renowned Artist of Ahmadu Bello University designed: The Diocesan Crest and the Cover page of Light of Hope Magazine, where he was also an editorial member. He held various positions within the parish and was honored by the Church for his services including the bestowing of the Knight of Saint Christopher in 1995. The most recent honor was the Diamond Couple Award at the 2012 Father’s day celebration. To CHINEKE AKWETE, we give all the Glory forever – Amen. He will be remembered with smiles and missed by all who knew him. We love you so much papa. Rest in eternal peace.

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Am very happy after viewing your profile today and i will like to establish a very good friendship with you, if you d...
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From: alisiabashir
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Am very happy after viewing your profile today and i will like to establish a very good friendship with you, if you d...
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Hi, I am miss joy by name,Is my pleasure to contact you after going through your profile at which re...


Fathers Name: Eme (Late)
Mothers Name: Fagha (Late)
Spouse's Name: Gogo Catherine
Children's Names: Ikeme, Ihuoma (Kay), Ugochi (Lady), Nma (Ladi), Osy and Chimere
Siblings Names: Nnanna (Late)
Country of Birth: Nigeria
Country of Residence: Nigeria
City of Residence: Akwete
Occupation: Education & Training
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Anglican


Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Music Genre: World Music
Favourite Artist: Jimmy Cliff
Other Interests:
Art - Painting


Place of Passing: Akwete
Date of Passing: 23 July 2012
Place of Burial: Akwete
Funeral Date: 18 August 2012
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