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Alex Donnachie
(1988 - 2000)


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General Details

Name: Alex Donnachie
Maiden Name: James
Gender: Male
Age: 12 years old
Lived: Wednesday, 8 June 1988 - Friday, 27 October 2000

My Story

•:*:• ☆ •:*: •Special Angel•:*:• ☆ •:*: •

I had youngster brother Alex who was also deaf and a pupil at The Mount School. He was such a loving child who always loved to hug and kiss everyone. He loved watching Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, Mr Bean (his idol), Laurel and Hardy, Wallace and Gromit, 'Road Wars',  and playing with cars. His favourite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse.

When Alex was 6, my parents noticed Alex's eye is swollen. They took him to the hospital. The doctor told my parents that Alex have kidney problems. Alex used to go to Birmingham hospital lots. The doctor put Alex's name on the list to wait for a kidney tranplant. He started kidney dialysis while he waited for a kidney tranplant.

When he was 8, he received a new kidney from a young boy from Glasgow, who died. We were relieved anxious and happy, but also very sad for the boy who died and his family.
When Alex went back to the school, all of his friends and teachers were happy to see him and cheered him up.

His general health improve, but when Alex turned 11, my mum felt there was something wrong because his legs muscles seemed very thin and he would sign his legs were sore.
On a routine check at Birmingham children's Hospital in August 1999, to see Alex's Renal Consultant, my mum had asked my dad to ask the Consultant if he would check Alex's legs. The Consultant was immediately concerned and referred Alex for tests. A muscle biopsy was taken and my parents were told Alex had Mitochondia Myopathy (there was no treatment) and was terminally ill. They told parents Alex could possibly live to be young adult, but he could also have a heart attack or stroke anytime because Mitochondia Myopathy affects the muscles and the nature of the disease meant there was no way to knowing which muscles would affected first. The Consultant now thought it was quite likely that Mitochondia Myopathy had caused Alex's kidney problem as the kidney is a muscle.
My parents never told me about this because they didn't want to make me upset or worry, also I was due to start a new school in September and would live a way from home during the week. My mum and dad thought they would know when Alex began to get ill and would then have time to tell me.
But suddenly on 26th October 2000, I was at my friend Stephanie's. My parents went on the shopping trip with Alex. They noticed Alex was very tired and didn't have much energy.
When they arrived at Stephanie's house and picked me and Stephanie up to went home.
Later in the evening, when we arrived home. Alex went limp, my mum dialled 999 and the ambulance arrived really quick. I keep asked 'What's wrong?' to my dad. I was really worried. My dad said'You and Stephanie have to stay at home.' Mum went in the ambulance with Alex and dad followed in the car.
Later, my dad come back home. I asked 'what's happened? Is he alright?' He said' Alex have to stay in the hospital. You will go see him tomorrow.'

Next morning, my mum phoned dad and said 'Please come quick because the doctor want to talk to us.' My dad rushed to the hospital, but me and Stephanie stay in house.
At about 1pm my Aunt Jackie arrived my house and took me to the hospital then took Stephanie home. When I come in Alex's room, I was shocked when I saw Alex almost unconscious and I gave Alex a cuddle.
Later, one of Alex's good friend Natasha come visit with her mum. They gave Alex a hugged and gave him a little gift. Me, mum, Natasha and her mum went to the cafe in the hospital. My dad stay and looked after Alex.

Then at about 5:30pm, Natasha and her mum went to the shopping. They asked me if I want come with them but I don't want to because I can't bear to leave my brother. Natasha and her mum went to the shopping to buy something for Alex and will be back later.

Later, my mum and dad explain me and dad explain me that Alex was dying. Before they told me I thought he might have a big operation but not. I was devastated. 'Noo! Noo!' I cried. They gave me a hug.

Then later, me, mum and dad lay next to Alex and hugged him then I felt Alex's heart beats slow till stopped. I said' Don't go...' and cried. He's gone.
He died peacefully on Friday at 6:35pm 27th October 2000, 24 hours after he was admitted to hospital. My Aunt Jackie and Uncle Dave arrived 2 hours after Alex passed away. They're devastated and upset.

It's really hard for me to cope but now I will trying to remember a good memories about Alex.
My granddad died of heart stroke few months after Alex passed away. He's in heaven with grandparents (my mom's side), grandparents (my dad's side) and cousin Christopher.
His coffin is light blue because it's his favorite color. And flowers mickey mouse shaped.

I love you, miss you and thinking of you everyday, Alex.
We will meet again when my time comes. ჱܓ

•:*:• ☆ •:*: •Rest in peace little Angel•:*:• ☆ •:*: •

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Fathers Name: Paul
Mothers Name: Ann
Siblings Names: Heather
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
City of Residence: Rugeley
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Not Religious


Favourite Sport: Horseback Riding
Favourite Team: Manchester United
Favourite Movie: Too many!
Favourite Music Genre: Other


Place of Passing: The University Hospital of North Staffordshire
Date of Passing: 27 October 2000
Cause of Passing: Mitochondrial Myopathy
Funeral Date: 6 November 2000
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